I am just a beginner in the “raw” eating world.  It takes a lot of “re-programming” and “re-education” to get on the right track to truly healthy eating.  Even if you fancy yourself as a healthy eater (which I did at one point) you most likely are not.  I’m sorry, it’s the cold, hard truth.  And when you start researching these sites you will know what I mean!  But, I have found some great resources that will make it easy for you to transition.  Here are my favs…





Friends shared these sites with me, and so I pass them on to you.  Exploring these sites will keep you plenty busy!  There is a treasure trove of information.  I like all these sites and their authors because they keep it simple and “do-able”.  As I find more amazing sites, I will post them.  Also, if you know of any sites, I’d love to hear from you. Just post it in the comments.  Enjoy!