“Stigmata is a phenomenon observed in a number of Christian saints and mystics for which no satisfactory natural explanation has been offered yet. It consists of the appearance, on the body of a living person, of wounds or scars corresponding to those of the crucified Christ. The first and most celebrated stigmatization of this kind is that of St. Francis of Assisi.” Encyclopedia Britannica.

Stigmata is a phenomenon widely purported in the Catholic church.  This post is not for the purpose of arguing whether stigmata is real or imagined.   I believe that it could very well be real.  There are so many instances of stigmata (which are carefully documented by the Catholic church) that one cannot help but believe in the existence of this phenomenon. I, however, believe that it is not the work of Jesus Christ, it is clearly the work of Satan. 

Stigmata, the bearing of Christ’s wound’s on one’s body springs from the Catholic church’s faulty teaching of salvation, atonement and the sacraments.  In Holy Communion, Catholics believe that Christ is being offered up as a sacrifice, again and again.  Thus, the belief that Christ’s wounds are still being suffered by him.

Whether or not stigmata is physiological, psychological or spiritual, it is a distraction used by Satan.   The only one who carries the wounds of the crucifixion is Jesus Christ, the One who died for the sins of the world(I Peter 2:24).  I am not sure what purpose it would serve for Jesus to allow humans to manifest his wounds.   I can only deduce that it is the work of Satan as a deception to humanize and minimize the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. 

Further, stigmata is a state that is worshiped in the people who have manifested it.  The “saints” who have suffered with stigmata are venerated.   This is also a work of Satan to distract people from focusing on the One (Jesus Christ) who truly suffered on the Cross for our sins and still possesses the scars on his hands and feet.  Christ’s wounds, unlike the stigmata wounds, are healed and no longer bleed.  His wounds are finished!  He no longer suffers and bleeds for mankind!  He was victorious and bares the wounds as a testament of his sacrifice on the Cross!   To say that humans bare these wounds is sacrilegious and blasphemous. 

So, whether or not you believe the stigmata wounds are real or imagined, they are the work of the great deceiver who prowls around like roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.(I Peter 5:8)  The awesome truth is  that Jesus currently sits in heaven at the right hand of God the Father and he bares his wounds as rememberance of the sacrifice he made and the blood he shed for me!(Acts 2:32-36)  Thanks for reading!